3508 Bentridge Drive Mebane NC 27302 

What we work on - 

​British - The most common Brits that we work on are the LBC (Little British Cars) this includes MG, Triumph, Austin Healey, sunbeam, morris ect. We also have done quite a bit of work on Jaguar, Lotus, TVR Jensen and some of the more oddball cars and the British Kit cars. The only three makes that we have limited, and by limited I mean none is Rolls Royce,  Bentley and Aston martin. 

Italian - Italian cars are really our strong suit with Alfa Romeos leading the way, followed by Fiat, Lancia and Maserati. We use to work on a fair number of vintage Ferrari's and Lamborghini's but the price on these has gone so astronomical that I do not see them being driven. We currently do not work on any post 2000 Ferrari's,  Lamborghini's or Maserati's. This is due to the unfortunate exorbitant cost of the diagnostic software.

​Our favorite's = OK maybe we aren't supposed to choose, but we do.

Alfa Romeo 101,105, 115 and transaxle. Wonderful cars, you aren't an enthusiast until you have owned an Alfa .

Vintage Lancia's Fulvia, Flaminia, Flavia and Aurelia are unreal cars in both engineering and driving experience.

Fiat 124 and 128 cars that were for many years looked down upon are now coming into their own.

Maserati the V8's and straight 6's . So much better built than contemporary Ferrari's and Lambo's and they are actually usable

French cars - Wish we saw more, but we just love the uniqueness of French cars, in particular the Citreon's and Matra's but with a large affection for Alpine's also. French cars are really under appreciated here in the states

BIF also does reproduction parts. We are currently remanufacturing Alfa Romeo GTV-6 door handles, and overflow tank and Maserati Indy door handles. Our concentration will be on the Italian cars as the British are well served in this area, and we do not have enough current volume of French cars. 

Ultimate goal is to expand this portion of the business and add the manufacturing of specialty tools. 

BIF does mechanical servicing for your British, Italian and French Cars.  This will include everything from routine service to complete rebuilds of all mechanical component.